Reverb/Tremolo Units
Sage 14

Inspired by the original narrow panel Tweed Deluxe of the late 1950’s (model 5E3), the
"Sage14" is an all tube, point-to-point hand wired guitar amplifier. The 5E3 circuit design
captures the classic tone of the blues greats and is equally suited for rock, jazz or country.
The original rectifier tube was a 5Y3G. We use a 5V4G here, it makes the amp a little
louder, and a little more punchy with out giving up any 5E3 tone. We stay with the original
12AY7 in the first tube position, it still has plenty of gain. Powered by two matched 6V6
power tubes in a cathode bias configuration, and a 5V4G rectifier tube, the Sage 14
captures all the tone of the original 5E3 circuit. We've selected the WeberVST 12A125 as
the speaker of choice here for it's most authentic AlNiCo tweed era tone. With 14 watts of
all tube power, the 5E3 is a great choice for the studio, rehearsal, small live venue, or mic'd
up on the big stage. The combo cabinet is built with Solid Pine and 1/4" finger joints. Each
amplifier is hand wired in our shop in Carlsbad, CA, USA.

List Price         $1400

Preamp            12AY7, 12AX7
Power amp      Matched 6V6s
Rectifier          5V4G
Speaker          WeberVST 12A125 (Classic American AlNiCo)

Cab Dimensions: (H) 16'' x (W) 20'' x (D) 9 1/2''
Sage14, Tele, bridge pickup, clean, volume 25%, tone 50%
Sage14, Strat, middle position, loud, volume 75%, tone 60%
Sage14, Strat, neck pickup, volume 25%, tone 50%